About me

Yoga has been an essential part of my life for around 25 years and I think everyone should have the opportunity to try it — at least once in their lives. You are all bound to get hooked sooner or later.

It can take a while to find the yoga style that feels right. I have explored and experimented – a lot. I was introduced to Iyengar yoga by a friend at college, gravitating to Ashtanga after several years of slow, methodical alignment refinement, and immediately felt at home — I loved how Ashtanga was hard work, dynamic yet meditative all at once, with such a strong focus on working with the breath, and feeling part of an ancient tradition. I have explored different styles along the way, from dynamic and slow flows, Shadow, Anusara, Acro and Aerial to restorative, and the fascia-plumping somatic movement of Tias Little, Bo Forbes and Donna Farhi. I weave elements of them all into my teaching to create fluid, soulful but playful classes, inviting students to practice with a sense of curiosity, and encouraging individuals no matter what their level, age, body shape, or state of mind. My busy, flighty mind has been greatly helped by a consistent meditation practice and I love to share the practice and benefits with my students. I have taught across London continuously for a decade and am a BWY and Yoga Alliance (500 hr) accredited teacher.

I am continually evolving my practice and experiences, bringing my students along for the ride. I trained with the BWY and YogaCampus, and completed an advanced Rasa teacher training with the magical Sianna Sherman, which I feel has added another layer of richness and flavour to my practice and my teaching, through her love of mythology and mantras. I love threading ancient wisdoms of yoga philosophy into the asana flow, tied into everyday experience and since I've always 'talked with my hands', I am naturally drawn to mudras — and encouraging students through thoughtful hands-on assists, to those who like them! 

I continue my studies with Tias and Surya Little on movement patterns for healthy fascia (body tissues) injury prevention and somatic awareness, getting students into their bodies – and then back out again!

My classes are infused with the juicy flavours of Rasa yoga, threading  mudra, mantra and tantric philosophy alongside sound biomechanics – and a dose of humour. Above all I want my students to find joy in their practice – which hopefully will rub off into their lives.

I teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Slow flow, as well as restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama. I also teach pregnancy yoga, yoga for mums & babes, parents and toddlers, family yoga, children and teens - including in local primary and secondary schools.

My practice and my teaching are influenced by many wonderful instructors and yoga traditions and I hope to pass on that enthusiasm and inspiration to my own students.
When not encouraging people to improve their breathing, mindset or experiment with their asanas, I can be found writing and researching odd topics for children’s books, mags and digital books and increasingly on yoga (online and print). I am a veggie, with a fondness for chocolate and a damn fine cup of coffee!