Friday, 26 April 2013


Why do yoga?

Why not? As a lovely yoga teacher, Judith Lasater, puts it, 'all the time you are doing yoga, you are not on the streets getting into trouble' — or something like that! She probably put it far more eloquently — but you get the gist.

Yoga has tons of benefits for the body, both physically and for the emotions — from improved posture to improving the likelihood of being able to put on your own shoes with ease the morning after a jog, cycle ride or football match (read kickabout with the kids), or as you get a little older…. Yoga can help your breathing, ability to relax, sleep and concentrate, and to deal with stress. It can even lift your mood! A lot to take away from a short time on the mat.
But to benefit, you have to do it — regularly!

It’s easy to fit into your life: Simple joint rotations and cat poses to warm the spine in the morning or sun salutations to start the day, shoulder exercises at lunch time even some gentle seated twists while watching TV! Come and learn a few tips and techniques and face summer all the fitter...
And, as it happens I have a new friendly hatha flow class on Monday evenings at The Old Fire Station, Leswin Road, N16 (7.30 pm). Now you have no excuse!