Wednesday, 8 March 2017


As I've surely said before, yoga teachers must be the only people who work to make themselves redundant... since the idea is to teach, encourage and inspire all our students until they are confident enough to practice on their own, at home (or anywhere they fancy)! Of course we hope that our students love our classes so much that they will come back anyway just for the shared yoga experience - or Satsang. It's also good for even the most experienced yogi to show up at class occasionally, just for a few alignment cues. Sometimes you can get a little complacent and develop bad habits, and a good teacher can remind you kindly when that's happening.

For those who feel you just wouldn't have a clue where to begin or just keep putting off the idea of practicing yoga at home, help is at hand. In fact a mere click away! (See below). Recently I contributed ideas on postures you can do at home or work to the British Heart Foundation magazine, Heart Matters. These are suitable for anyone of any level, including beginners, but they make a good starting point for anyone, a reminder that you can always fit in yoga to your day.

So what's the excuse? No room for a yoga mat? No time? So check out the piece on yoga you can do while sitting - at the desk or in the kitchen, so there's no excuse for not being fit!  See Rainy Day Desk Yoga

For some ideas of gentle yoga postures you can do at home - and some other exercises for good measure, see Get active indoors

And for those who need more of a guiding hand, or a bit more Satsang, I am running an afternoon workshop at Yoga Junction, Crouch End, London N8, with sequences, suggestions and tons of encouragement and handouts to inspire and nudge you into developing you own self practice at home! Hope to see you there! 

Yoga anywhere: Sadly we will not be out in the sun for the workshop in April,
but it might just inspire you to take your yoga with you wherever you go!