CPD workshops for Teachers and trainee teachers

Modifying challenging asanas Saturday 19th January, 2019 at 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Yogahome, London N16

A Continuing Professional Development workshop for yoga teachers and teacher trainees, accredited by Yoga Alliance
We all know what it feels like to continually work towards a pose that that never seems to get any easier. For some students, the struggle towards that elusive asana can have a huge effect on their entire practice, physically, mentally and emotionally. This workshop will give practical ideas on empowering your students, giving intelligent krama/progressions and variations of poses (with and without props) to take them a little further on their journey, feeling that they have achieved something and going away happy. We will work to take everyone along for the ride!

How can you modify challenging yoga asanas to safely support your students and encourage each one to progress?

We will cover the following areas:
  • Encouraging compassion and ahimsa (non violence), the first ‘rule’ of yoga.
  • Intelligent krama (steps): highlighting the pathway of progressions so everyone can build up at their own pace, never feeling stuck.

  • Always offering options for students to feel the right action, the essence, and the joy of any posture, whatever their experience.

  • Appreciating the journey: struggle fosters humility, teaches tenacity, and develops patience!
  • Language: not encouraging competitiveness, praising the essence and effort, not the final shape.
  • Observation, a bit of psychology and a dose of good humour helps: to discourage risky or forceful behaviour, and to support the fearful, the defeated or embarrassed.
Discover what you can do with modifications to help bring all your students along for the ride!

This workshop is open to all yoga teachers regardless of training and lineage, all yoga teacher trainees, and any advanced yoga student interested in teaching skills.

Cost: £35;

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In October, I am running some workshops designed for teachers and trainee teachers.

The art of skilful adjustments

Sat, 6 Oct 2018 at 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm at Yoghome, London N16

A Continuing Professional Development workshop for yoga teachers and teacher trainees, accredited by Yoga Alliance

Why assist? There is much debate about whether teachers should “adjust” students. Assists are not about getting a student into a particular shape, but keeping them safe and helping them to evolve their practice. A skillful assist in class can make a huge difference to a student's experience and progress, providing feedback that they can internalise, Some students cannot translate a verbal cue internally.

Some students need just a very gentle pointer, reminding them to lift, breathe into or simply bringing awareness to a part of the body. Sometimes a student needs the physical support and stability to help them reach their full potential in a particular pose. Your task is reading your class and working out who needs what and when.

Points covered will include:
  • Reading bodies — observing your class and seeing the individual before you approach and which can be very different for everyone.
  • Why assist — and should we? Discussion/debate from both student and teacher’s point of view. And how to teach an entire class while assisting an individual.
  • Types of assists/adjustments: Verbal cues. Gentle, minimal assists and compassionate propping, compared to supportive, anchoring assists to help ground a student so they can fly.
  • Respecting boundaries and honouring your student’s practice.
  • Transitions - Being mindful and present while assisting, and taking care of yourself throughout

    This workshop is open to all yoga teachers regardless of training and lineage, all yoga teacher trainees, and any advanced yoga student interested in teaching skills. £35

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Going upside down - change your perspective 

Spend a wonderful afternoon exploring your relationship with gravity and start 2018 with the best possible outlook! After a flowing warm-up including strength building shoulder and core work, we will explore some arm balances and inversion prep before attempting or improving our forearm balances and handstands, whether you are working towards a handstand tuck, or just trying to get your feet a few inches from the ground. There will be techniques and options for all. We will finish with restorative inversions using props.

There are many reported benefits of inversions — from improving the circulation and immune system, toning the organs, to renewing creativity and even slowing the aging process. But the benefit that needs no supporting evidence, is that they make you feel happy and improve confidence. They do not have to be perfect! Come along and put your feet up!

Date: Sunday January 28th
Time: 2.00-4.00pm
At Yoga Junction, Crouch End

Cost: £25
**You do not have to be able to do a headstand, handstand or any arm balances — there will be steps, modifications and options offered.
If you are already confident with inversions, that’s brilliant… you will get ideas for different variations and techniques. There will be plenty of encouragement, support and tips for taking your practice further wherever you are.



Focus on Ashtanga Yoga

SATURDAY October 29th, 3—5.00 PM
Ashtanga Ashtanga is at once challenging and calming. It demands discipline and commitment from yogis, yet within the structure of the Primary series, the main focus is on the expansion and flow of the breath. Ride the waves of your ujjayi breath, and your practice should become effortless, almost meditative. Come along and develop, or discover, your Ashtanga practice.

We will devote two hours to explore the Primary series, taking time to concentrate on healthy alignment and techniques, and work on the all-important transitions. Discover tips for attempting or improving jump-throughs and setting up the ending inversions, finishing with the breathing sequence and relaxation.

Suryanamaskara A
Steeped in tradition, and the forefather to vinyasa flow, Ashtanga is a beautifully balanced, grounded style of yoga that synchronises movement with breath. Using drishti, bandhas and breath to focus the mind while working dynamically through a set series of postures, Ashtanga is designed to create an internal heat that cleanses the body, improves vitality, and calms the mind. Ultimately the poses become familiar and practice feels like a moving meditation.

All levels welcome, but not for complete beginners to yoga.

Saturday October 29th; 3.00 — 5.00 pm

YogaHome, Stoke Newington, London N16 

Cost: £20
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020 7249 2425

ANY questions get in touch via the contacts form!

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