Wednesday, 21 November 2018

There's always more to learn

Teachers need to go back to school sometimes!
I have just returned from training in Italy with the masterful Sianna Sherman and feel enthused, revitalised and ready to share. There were just 10 of us on this second part of an advanced teacher training, making for a specially intimate and immersive experience. We were there to dive more deeply into the juicy flavours of Rasa yoga — Myth, mantra, mudras and magic weave through each class, while great attention is paid to healthy alignment and sound biomechanics. It's a multi-faceted, full spectrum experience for students — the difference between watching a film on an old-school TV set, compared to watching at an Imax cinema!! I hope a little of the magic has rubbed off on me so I can sprinkle it over my students ;)

I am a perpetual student — when not off training abroad, I fit in workshops and intensives with visiting teachers. It keeps me fresh, looking at Yoga and students from different vantage points. I recommend it to anyone!

Some highlights! 

Co-teacher Greta Hill around the flame in the cave ritual

Chanting Gayatri as the sun rose in the early mornings

Beautiful trees around the amazing grounds for walks and meditation ....

Marc-Henri, truly inspirational, warm and kind fellow-teacher,
whose leg had been amputated since the last immersion in May.
Here with Sianna. Marc-Henri and wife Evalise are friendly,
full-of-life and talented teachers.

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